plastic plus is an industrial design brand of a different kind: home-based, family owned, with an original and optimistic look at product design.

we create our own products from concept to production, combining
hand-picked industrial materials with sophisticated structural and constructive solutions. our products range from lampshades and judaica to Feng shui spiral mobiles and enviromental design projects. the materials, industrial yet colorful, light and friendly, bring a playful and amusing nature which is passed on to the end products: simple and low priced, they still enjoy a fresh and original design.

for many years we held a shop on sheinkin st., in an old corner store that was the focal point for the reviving neighborhood. we now have a showroom in pardes-hanna, yet this site is the new "plastic plus" store.
it is also our whole portfolio: hidden among the pages you will find our entire creative history, things we did and things we still make today, exhibitions and media coverage, local and social activities we have participated in, a few of the friends we made, and things that affect our professional and personal life.

all this we want to share with you!

you are welcome to write us for any information you need.
ah! the hebrew site will arrive soon! meanwhile only one page, sorry

hope you enjoy your visit

ilana & hans

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