hans pallada
born in 1955, holland , grew up in amsterdam
graduate of the "school of photography" in den haag, holland
arrived somehow to israel on his motorbike in 1980

ilana herschenberg pallada
born in 1949, poland, arrived to israel in 1957
grew up in tel aviv, graduate of "bezalel" art and design academy, jerusalem
1979/80 member of the studio "tartakover and friends" in tel aviv

we met and fell in love in the center of tel aviv in 1980 where ilana just bought
her house on a typical tel aviv roof with view to the sea and tall palm trees.
ilana works in graphic studio while hans takes care of our first baby girl anna.
hans who is always playing with what is around, made his first lamp
and called it 25W.

our skills and vision came together when we designed our first product
the clickon lampshade from ilana's polygal drawing case.
we had a beautiful mass product but no shops to sell it to, so in 1982
we opened our own workshop in an old sleeping sheinkin st. around the corner
of our house and called it "plastic plus".
in 1985 we invited some friend from different design fields, to join us
for a designers cooperative. we called it cactus design gallery.
this cornerstore, workshop and design gallery changed the atmosphere and character of the heart of tel aviv and made "plastic plus" and sheinkin a concept.

in 1994 we moved to pardes hana opened a showroom under a very old
oak tree and as usual changing the atmosphere.
in 2000 hans found an old tire and started a company around it! retired (wishfull thinking)
all these years we display and sell our designs in shops and museums in israel
and around the world.

still together, happy, parents of anna, may & yan

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