cactus design group, 1985-1987

hans, vera, dalia, gad, efrat, tali, ilana. 1986

with time we became a focal point for many designers and artists.
actually all the neighberhood become the "soho" of tel aviv (still is).
being a platform for the fast growing design scene of tel aviv, we invited
some collegues to start a design cooperative, cactus, for home made
israeli products.
gad charni - home industrial design,
tali lev charni - textile and accessories,
dalia levin - jewlery,
efrat zaksenberg - jelery,
vera valerstein - textile design,
shai barkan - design, (joined later)
hans and ilana with plastic plus.
we added another room to the shop and opened a gallery for design,
inviting a wide range of artists, designers, architects, etc. for group
exhibitions in our design gallery. it gave us a good deadline for projects!

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